Intelligent Industries launches new website

Graphic image of a light net over the globe

After much blood, sweat and tears (okay, maybe just tears!), our new website is up and running and ready to take on the world! A huge amount of hard work, time, thought and creative energy has gone in to making it something we are truly proud of.

Inspired by the cyber-physical aspects of it, our founder, James Brand, has always been highly passionate about IoT, and having been involved in it for many years, decided it was time to put our extensive IoT skills front and centre of the business model for Intelligent Industries. Alongside our Microsoft Azure skills and Cloud Consultancy services, we believe this is a perfect match to offer our customers.
Our new website brings together a wealth of expertise, knowledge, experience, and passion for all things IoT, with the ultimate goal of enabling customers to begin their individual Industrial IoT journey.

We aim to give customers the freedom to choose either to fully utilise our guidance and expertise every step of the way in building a bespoke system for them, or by providing the means to purchase the highest quality specialist equipment through our online shop, putting the power of IoT directly into customers hands.

The website gets us closer to delivering our dream of helping our customers achieve their business goals by leveraging technology.

We're always available to talk 'all things IoT', whatever your project, as we are truly passionate about the industry and our work, so get in touch and get us talking!