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Quick-Connect Pre-Terminated Wires for IIoT Desktop Developer and IIoT Panels

Streamline the expansion of your IIoT Desktop Developer, IIoT Panels or any other panel with our Quick-Connect Pre-Terminated Wires. Designed for effortless installation, these wires enable a swift and secure connection of additional devices with just a simple twist of a screwdriver. Achieve the perfect connection every time, without the need for specialized tools or extensive wiring knowledge.

Crafted with precision, our 18 AWG hook-up wires are available in a variety of lengths and colours to suit your setup aesthetics and technical requirements. Each wire comes terminated with grey Pre-Insulated Cord End Crimp Ferrules, expertly crimped using high-quality hand crimpers that deliver a hexagonal profile for a snug, reliable connection.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free installation with pre-terminated ends
  • 18 AWG wire gauge suited for reliable power and signal transmission. Other gauges available upon request.
  • Variety of wire lengths and colours for a tailored setup
  • Durable Pre-Insulated Cord End Crimp Ferrules ensuring secure connections
  • Hexagonal crimp profile for enhanced contact integrity

Customized Labeling Option:

For an organized wiring setup, opt for our heat shrink label option. Upon selecting this feature, we will reach out to you post-purchase to gather the text required for each label, ensuring precise identification for easy troubleshooting and maintenance. Please note, each label end accommodates up to 10 characters.


After your order is placed, we ensure prompt processing to get your pre-terminated wires shipped to you swiftly. Experience a hassle-free, organized, and efficient wiring setup, accelerating your IIoT and PLC developmental projects with our Quick-Connect Pre-Terminated Wires.

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Connections made simple

Available in 18AWG and in a number of lengths and colours, they are terminated at both ends with pre-insulated cord end ferrules to ensure the perfect termination.

If you have a specific requirement then please contact us. We can supply our pre-terminated wires in many different colours and lengths. We can also provide labelled wires.

8 hours support or consultancy £1000 – must be used in 12 calendar months. Max 24-hour response time for support incidents and 7 day response time for consultancy requests.


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